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Excellent Ambassador organises private jet charters for both business and leisure, offering a range of luxury services for our customers. Our team is available to assist you at any time with our personalised 24-hour support.

Travelling by private jet provides an unparalleled level of comfort, with fully reclining seats and ambient lighting. The luxurious design on board ensures a pleasant journey, with ample space and complete privacy. Enjoy an excellent restaurant service, offering a culinary journey, and a range of entertainment options.
Personalise your flight experience with the support of your air charter specialist.

Why flying with a private jet charter?

The private charter gives companies complete control over their employees' flights, including the timing, cost, transportation, and potential luggage issues. This provides maximum flexibility and minimal wait times. Private jet charters are also an excellent option for wedding and event planners to manage all guests and provide a bespoke customer experience. The aircraft can be tailored to specific requirements and budgets.

Business Travel or Wedding and Event Planner - Personalize your Private charter

Chartering Airbus and Boeing for private use is becoming increasingly common. We can personalise interior amenities and accessories with logo.

Traveling by provate jet with your pet

At Excellent Ambassador, we believe that family holidays should include all family members, including pets. Therefore, we have created a pet-friendly holiday travel guide to help you prepare for your trip abroad, even if you are flying on a private jet. You can trust us to take care of your furry friends. We always check with you to see if you are missing any documentation for you and your pets.

Flexibility for luggage weight

Take your pets with you

No wainting at customs

Travel in complete safety

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