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Private jet rental services and chartered flights Our excellence lies in our dedication to delivering seamless customers journeys.
The cost of a flight on private jet depends on many factors: the model of business jet, the number of passengers, departure and arrival airports, type of flight, duration of waiting at the airport, additional services, etc.
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Our private jets service solutions will empower you to work smoothly through your tight schedule. Our exclusive charter flights enable you to reach your destination on time and in the utmost comfort. Contact us today to see what we can do for you or find more information.

Light Jet

They are suitable for 4/6 passengers and  for short haul routes.
These models are widely used for short journeys, well-furnished but are non-stand-up models (145/150 cm high) but have decent dimensions for the load compartment and have a separate toilet from the cabin

Midsize Jet

With  a capacity of 8/10 passengers and suitable  for short and medium haul routes,.
this class of aircraft offers greater degree of comfort and luxury. It has larger and more comfortable seats in a greater cabin space and a height of 175/180 cm, plus a large cargo hold. This model is the most popular and most used as it offers the best comfort/price ratio.

Heavy Jet & Ultra Long Range

As the largest classes, these aircraft are suitable for long-haul and intercontinental travel.
They represent the maximum in size and comfort – the  cabin usually has three zones to ensure spaciousness and greater privacy, with reclining seats that can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping area. These models have fine finishes and important services that include at least one flight attendant, kitchen for hot meals, Wi-Fi and sat phone and a spacious hold.

Midsize Jet

We build our offer around you – your needs – your business – your holiday overflight experience. We will make sure that your experience with our helicopters is the most comfortable. With direct access and travel with the utmost discretion. We offer:
single-engine helicopters, the smallest, less expensive to rent and ideal for short and day flights.
Large and fast twin-engine helicopters suitable for night flights.

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